Monday, March 21, 2011

Lamb Loin Chops

If a picture is worth a thousand words what does this one say?

Let me tell you. Hopefully in less than a thousand words.

You know how some women get seduced by a pair of shoes or a great jacket in a store window and before they realize what they've done that pair of shoes / that jacket has followed them home and they are out a few hundred bucks as fast as you can say 'Mastercard please'? That happens to me with meat. And poultry products. (Although in my defense I didn't know I was ordering a fresh organic turkey that time we paid...a lot...for our Christmas turkey. David actually called me after he picked it up to relay how he gave his name, was given his turkey, went to get some bills out of his wallet to pay then realized he had to reach for a card to cover the cost. "Do you know how much fresh organic turkey costs?", he asks me. Well, no, actually but now I do. And yes, it was expensive but also the best Christmas turkey ever, thank you very much.)

People of the jury, I have no good excuse. I was seduced by 8 beautiful, fresh Ontario lamb loin chops in the grocery store on Saturday.

David loves lamb and I don't make it that often and I had a gift card...and so I splurged. Sue me. Cause guess what? I basically did nothing to these chops but season and broil them and they were the best lamb I have ever had. Hands down. Some people might have even picked up their lamb chops and gnawed right down to the bone they were so good. Others might have asked for chicken, but eaten one bite of lamb when the offer of an extra hour of video game time was bartered in exchange for at least trying the lamb. So everyone was happy at Sunday dinner this week.

I rubbed these chops with a combination of cinnamon and salt then broiled them for about 6 minutes a side. Served with David's beloved A1 sauce. The roasted potatoes were also incredible. They are the recipe we had last Thanksgiving (Ina Garten). Since the lamb chops were so plainly presented I thought the potatoes, drenched in olive oil, smothered with garlic and sprinkled with salt and rosemary were entirely appropriate. And they were. All made for a great 'official' Spring meal.

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