Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loaf City

So here we are. It's still March. It's still minus something or other outside. There is still snow on the ground (and in the weather forecast). Personally I won't miss March. It's been more lion than lamb this year and it's felt twice as long as February. At our house we've decided March is the Ohio of months. We drive to Florida once or twice a year and every year we marvel at how big Ohio is....Michigan zips by but Ohio lingers. Kentucky is a wink and a smile, Tennessee a quick wave and Georgia, obviously, is a peach. But Ohio. Ohio is a trial. Kind of like March.

I've been trying to break up the tedium of March (and school lunches) by finding new kinds of loaves to bake. Banana bread is my go-to, but this month I've also thrown in lemon and zucchini apple, just to keep things interesting.

First up, Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf. This loaf has great lemon flavour which Daniel quite liked but Patrick did not. Patrick bemoans mummy trying new kinds of loaves and repeatedly asks me to make 'just banana bread'. I wasn't so sure about the recipe directive to poke holes and pour lemon glaze (lemon juice and icing sugar) over top of this loaf but I'm glad I did. Nothing better than eating a great piece of lemon loaf and then discovering a pocket of lemon glaze in your slice. Care to get up close and personal with some lemon loaf?

I found this loaf recipe on Rose Reisman's website here:

My next loaf is a Zucchini Apple affair that is moist, moist, moist. I found this recipe on Tasty Kitchen here: Again, an excellent loaf. I used oil versus butter and half of a chopped Empire apple in the batter. Smelled great while it was baking and was enthusiastically received by (most) in the household. Yup, Patrick is still holding out for regular ol' banana bread. Poor kid. He couldn't catch a break this weekend since he went banana-bread-less and I made scalloped potatoes instead of his beloved mashed for Sunday dinner. The horror! (Don't worry - there was chocolate cake. So he didn't suffer too terribly).

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