Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blueberry Pie

Turns out, I'm obsessed with pie this Summer. It started with pecan pie, which was wonderful (but I should have made my own pastry). Then I moved on to chocolate cream pie. Which again, was wonderful. Not better than the pecan pie, but a different kind of wonderful. This time I made my own (graham cracker) crust, the best I've ever made thanks to my new food processor. This past weekend I couldn't shake another pie craving. I wanted blueberry pie. Made with fresh blueberries. And homemade pastry, my food processor triumph with graham cracker crust suddenly giving me confidence to attempt the real deal. So I came, I saw and I think I conquered. Likely in large part due to these recipes from Cook's Illustrated which I found in my ever-reliable New Best Recipe Cookbook.

The online recipes linked above are slightly different from what I have in print. I didn't have any vodka to add to my pie crust, and it turned out just fine. Also, my blueberry pie didn't include the granny smith apple that is recommended in the linked recipe above. Regardless, the final product was a triumph. Even if no one in my house actually likes blueberry pie but me. More for me, right?

This pie definitely tasted like Summer. I couldn't wait the recommended 4 hours for the pie to cool so I cut in after 2 hours. Yes, the filling ran but who cares? It was worth the mess to taste hot out of the oven blueberry pie. Once the pie was fully cooled and chilled in the fridge, it served up beautifully. I should know, since (as above) I'm the only one eating it. It's great for breakfast. And apparently you can use up leftovers in a milkshake. Brilliant!

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