Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday S'mores

We spent Mother's Day weekend up at the cottage. By the time we rolled home on Sunday dinner was a pretty random affair. So instead of talking about Sunday dinner this week I'm going to talk about a cottage classic, s'mores.

I'm a sucker for anything that combines chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker. When my husband and I used to go camping s'mores were a given part of the experience (along with leaky tents, sore backs and unacceptable bathroom facilities, hence we now cottage instead of camp). Mother's Day weekend in our neck of the woods at the cottage was wet and rainy so authentic campfire s'mores were out of the question. So we got a fire going in the wood stove, grabbed our provisions and set to work on a reasonable indoor version of this classic.

To make really good s'mores you will need:

Jersey Milk chocolate bars (at least one, but who are we kidding - grab a few)
box of graham crackers
bag of marshmallows

Also required - a blazing fire, a marshmallow roasting stick, a pie iron and some tin foil.

Break off two pieces of Jersey Milk and set it on a graham cracker. Roast one marshmallow to your liking. Take a second graham cracker and, while laying the (now soft) marshmallow on top of the Jersey Milk/graham cracker, use the second graham cracker to squish the whole works together, pulling the marshmallow off the roasting stick. Now wrap up your s'more in foil and place it in the pie iron. Put the pie iron close to or in to the fire for about two minutes. Remove the pie iron, open it up and slide out your s'more. Careful unwrapping the foil 'cause it's gonna be hot. Let the s'more sit for a few seconds (again, it's hot) then pick it up and cram it into your mouth. Or take small, polite bites. Whichever.

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