Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fresh PB&J

I can't believe that Ontario strawberry season has come and (nearly) gone again. We ate a whole whack of fresh local berries the past month. Most of the time we ate our berries washed and sliced, very simple but very tasty.

To round out strawberry season I decided to try a strawberry dessert. I let Google guide me this time out (strawberry dessert) and one of the first hits was Fresh Strawberry Bars from Better Homes and Gardens. This recipe brings together the flavours of a peanut butter and jam sandwich in a dessert bar. I had just enough of my homeade strawberry jam from last season to use for this recipe. It was spread on top of the base just before the berries were spread overtop.

This dessert was a real winner with all of my guys, who are peanut butter fanatics. I found the base to be quite rich but managed to eat my share! We enjoyed our Strawberry Squares after a very casual Sunday dinner featuring another Summer sandwich - the Classic Club. Our version featured sourdough bread, crisp bacon, turkey, lettuce, russian mustard and....apple slices. My husband doesn't like tomato very much, so I've started substituting apple slices on his sandwiches. If you've never eaten apple on your sandwich, you should try it. I whipped up a couple of side salads (pasta and coleslaw) to have along with our Clubs. A great (and easy) Summer dinner.

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