Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Do The Time Warp....

Yes, I'm a big ol' Glee fan. And tonight is The Rocky Horror Episode. I went to a Rocky Horror screening once, when I was in high school. It was bizarre and crazy but theatrical and fun too, if you like that sort of thing. I like that sort of thing but my husband does not. D. thinks Rocky Horror is...horrible. Can't stand it. Hearing even the first few bars of Time Warp are enough to make him start twitching. Same thing happens whenever Queen music is played. So it's likely a good thing that he's at the Leafs game tonight.

My post title is a bit of a fake out, meant to disguise that despite the fact we haven't exited October yet, I want to talk about Christmas food. I know. It's way too early. But I have a reason! I was cleaning up my computer desktop the other day when I found a folder of pictures I had forgotten about. It doesn't show in the directory where all of my other photos are stored - for some strange reason I put it all by its lonesome on the desktop. It was like finding a stray roll of film that never got developed or a packet of pictures at the back of a drawer. I clicked through the pictures, which were from December, and was immediately transported back to Christmas 2009. Time warp!

I was very proud of myself Christmas 2009. After hanging on to the December 2001 issue of Bon Appetit for way too long, I finally made the cover recipe: triple chocolate cake with chocolate peppermint filling. And I took a picture! Which I obviously forgot about, until I uncovered it on my desktop in all its chocolaty, peppermint glory:

This was a v.v. good cake. Seriously good cake. Super moist and incredibly rich. And not that complicated to make. The kids helped me smash up the candy cane pieces with a rolling pin. And I can't quite remember, but I bet we all licked a beater or two. That's the best part of holiday baking. Having the boys in the kitchen 'helping' while the weather outside is all frightful. This cake followed a wonderful Christmas dinner, so we served up small slices to those that could even fathom eating just one. more. thing.

Okay. I've got holiday baking out of my system, for now. Please return to your regularly scheduled season, Fall.

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