Sunday, November 14, 2010

Apple Crisp

See this? Doesn't it look good?

I made apple crisp for our Sunday dinner dessert. I have an 'old reliable' recipe for apple crisp but the last few times I've made it, it's been a bit lackluster. So I decided to thumb through my cookbook collection for some apple crisp inspiration. I ended up finding a simple sounding recipe in The Bon Appetit Cookbook for Apple and Raisin Crisp.

I adapted this recipe slightly, leaving out the raisins (look too much like dead flies for my liking), omitting the lemon juice (because I didn't have any) and substituting macintosh apples for granny smith/pippin. And may I say, despite not following this recipe to the letter, it was delish. The whole time it was baking the house smelled heavenly, if heaven smells like apples, brown sugar and cinnamon. It was so good, I couldn't resist sneaking a taste while it was still warm. Hence the small dent you'll have noticed in the upper right hand corner of the dish pictured. It could easily have been a very large hole. P. claims not to like apple crisp, so he was the only one to sit out dessert tonight. Well, not entirely - he didn't pass up the vanilla ice cream that was on offer.

In other culinary news, I am very excited that we found a Trader Joe's in MI during our cross-border trek Saturday, because it means I can try out their Gingerbread coffee. I'm hoping this blend creates a mean gingerbread latte. I will, of course, advise.

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