Monday, November 8, 2010


Flash back about two weeks ago. D. comes home from work and amidst the hustle and bustle of our evening, throws out the following conundrum. Seems he needs to identify some kind of 'talent' or skill he can sell at work in an annual fundraiser for charity. Problem is, he doesn't seem to think he has any talents.

I beg to differ. D. is the hardest working person I know and he has many talents. For example, he does the laundry every Saturday. Or at least starts the laundry, knowing it needs to be done. He helps the kids with their homework. Particularly math, because we've only gotten to Grade 3 but I've already lost interest. He reads a bedtime story to the kids every night. I was very put out when he was away for a week and my oldest son asked me to stop reading to him at night because I wasn't (and I quote) "reading with as much enthusiasm" as daddy. So D.'s talents are many and varied, but I did take his point re: the charity fundraiser. He can't exactly offer to do laundry, help with math homework or tuck somebody in with a bedtime story. 'Why not bake something?' I says.

As much as I tend to monopolize the kitchen, the boy can cook. In fact, there are certain dishes I have entirely given over to D.. Lamb chops. Chewy double chocolate cookies. Mashed potatoes. Grilled cheese. He makes all of these things way better than I do. So being a progressive male of the 21st century he decided to offer some homemade baked goods as his talent. Now flash forward to this weekend. Someone bid on his delectables (that sounds a bit awkward - you know what I mean) and he had to come through with some goodies.

I know there was some skepticism around the office as to whether D. was actually going to make the promised baked goods himself or whether he would delegate this task to his wife. Which is a bit insulting because if you work with D. you know he is a person of great integrity. If he says he's going to do something, he does. So he spent much of Saturday in the kitchen churning out cookies, brownies and buckeyes.

Okay - so I did have some input. The buckeyes were my idea. See, I read this blog called smitten kitchen, which I love. Every week I see something I want to make. Last week it was buckeyes, a peanut butter chocolate confection that looked and sounded like a little piece of heaven. So when D. was finished with cookies and brownies, and felt like he needed one more thing, I suggested buckeyes.

Which is how we came to spend Saturday night in the kitchen together. The hockey game was on as usual but we spent most of our time assembling a few dozen peanut butter/cream cheese/graham cracker crumb balls. Which we dipped in chocolate. They were a bit fussy to make - we found we had to chill the dough so it stayed firm enough to dip in the chocolate, which needed to be just the right consistency to coat the balls correctly. But even the uggers tasted good. We saved the best for the paying customer who ended up with this:

Okay. So I also gave some suggestions regarding the presentation of the baked goods. And I tied the bows. I'm a details person! Here is a closer look at the buckeyes:

Yeah. These are all gone. And after all that baking, D. made sunday dinner too! Lasagna, salad and Cornflake Peanut Butter squares, because around our house we can't get enough PB. I was busy laying hardwood floor for four hours Sunday, an activity that appears to be the equivalent of doing a zillion squats. A few muscles of mine are very, very sore today.

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