Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eats - already!

Most normal people wake up on January 1st and declare that they are going on a fat-free, sugar-free, food-free diet, owing to the gajillion calories consumed over the holidays. At our house, we do things a little differently. At our house we made this for breakfast this morning:

This plate of breakfast overkill started out with the kids asking me to make pancakes. While I was in the pantry getting flour to make pancakes, I bumped my toe against a bag of potatoes. Which activated the little voice inside my head, which said: 'Potatoes! I'd sure like some more of those yummy diner style potatoes I made a couple of weeks ago'. So I grabbed the flour and the potatoes. When I finished making the pancakes and started dicing the potatoes, the little voice inside my head had more to say; something along the lines of: 'Some bacon would go really nicely with these potatoes'. So D. went out to get some bacon, which led to the need for scrambled eggs, then I remembered the lovely sourdough bread lingering in the bread drawer, and, well, one thing led to another and before I knew it...we had Breakfast, with a capital B. Ever read If You Give a Pig a Pancake? That was the kind of breakfast we had.

This breakfast was an unnecessary extravagance after a holiday of food abundunce but it was oh so good and I don't regret a bite. And what I loved most about this breakfast? The boys ate their pancakes then ran off to play, so D. and I lingered over our breakfast bounty with the paper (for him) and crossword (for me). It was the perfect way to start the New Year, with the sound of the kids playing happily in the background, a full (but not overfull) tummy, a latte made with authentic Kona coffee and my favourite person in the world sitting across from me listening to me puzzle out the crossword, sharing highlights from all the news fit to print on this first day of 2011. A 'happy new year' indeed.

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