Monday, March 7, 2011


No, bunting isn't some trendy new food dish. It's decor-related so pardon my digression from food talk.

I love the website Etsy. I've discovered some really great things on Etsy - handbags, wall art and bunting to name but a few. The bunting purchases have gotten a bit out of hand. I bought my first bunting in November when I was trying to think of how I would jazz up my mantel for Christmas. I came across a posting for bunting made out of some kitschy vintage fabric and had to have it. So I did. And I loved it while it graced my mantle during the holidays:

I loved it so much that when it came down in January I felt the need to replace it. The house feels so bare when you take down holiday decorations; I was vulnerable, Etsy was available. So late one night I found myself purchasing this:

As a general rule I have never decorated for Valentine's Day. So let's not call this a decoration as much as an embellishment. Still, I was sad to see it go. And once again I found myself in a funk. Until I came across this pretty:

Also vintage fabric. The green caught my eye and the orange and pink sealed the deal. And while I'm sure purchasing three different buntings (bunti?) in the space of four months is the sign of some kind of problem, I'm going to go with it. Have I mentioned it's been a long Winter?

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