Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carrot Soup

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen on Sundays. Some Sunday nights when I'm drying the last dish or wiping off the counter for the millionth time, and it feels like I've been in the kitchen literally all day, I wonder why I do it. Then, on a random Tuesday night I peek into the fridge looking for something easy for dinner, and there it is: carrot soup.

This carrot soup is a lovely recipe from Cooking Light. I made it a few weeks ago to use up some random carrots in my crisper and it was wonderful. Sweet but a bit spicy, thanks to a pinch of ginger. I only had enough carrots to make a half batch but this past weekend I set out to make enough soup to have on hand through the week. A word about preparing this soup: it doesn't say whether or not you should peel your carrots. I did the first time but did not the second. I prefer the carrots peeled; the second batch was still good but not quite as sweet, with more of an earthy flavour. With some white cheddar and crackers, a very respectable (and quick) weeknight dinner.

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