Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast Hash

This weekend featured so many of my favourite things. First, unplanned time. Nowhere to be and nothing to do (besides the usual weekend running around) which was wonderful after a hectic week. Second, a pile of fresh new books waiting to be read. (I just started Beautiful Ruins and I have The Prisoner of Heaven waiting patiently on my bedside table.) Third, lots of time in the kitchen. Spent churning out pancakes with Daniel, making banana cake with caramel sauce for Patrick and discovering the wonders of breakfast hash courtesy of some amazing chorizo sausage.
The hash I have dubbed Sunday Morning Breakfast Hash has no recipe. It started because we had leftover chorizo sausage from our Saturday night Sausage and Pepper Pasta dinner. (That dish was so-so. Not blog-worthy.) The best part about it was the sausage so I was glad there was some left over even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I thought about making an omelet, or even a frittata, then I remembered how a couple of weeks ago I had used up some leftover steak by making a steak, red pepper and potato hash for dinner. I checked out the fridge and the pantry and happily I had more than enough ingredients to make a respectable hash. Here's how it came together. I diced up some yellow and orange peppers and an onion and threw them in my frying pan along with some butter. I sauteed these for about five minutes,  until the mix was softened. While frying up the peppers and onions I parboiled some mini white potatoes that had been rolling around in my pantry potato drawer and diced them up as well. (I put a bit of olive oil and butter in the pan when the potatoes went in, since I find the butter gives flavour while the oil helps the potatoes brown nicely.) The potatoes also got about five minutes. When I was reaching for the potatoes I saw we had some corn on the cob handy, so I cut fresh kernels right off the cob and threw them in to the mix as well, along with the (now cubed) sausage that inspired the whole dish. Another five minutes to give the sausage time to heat through and voila. An amazing breakfast. Made even more amazing when you top your hash with a fried egg! And serve it with toast! (If only I had bought sourdough bread this week. If I had sourdough toast with my egg and hash I think I might have cried at the breakfast table. It was that good, honest.) 

A plate of Sunday Morning Breakfast Hash and a Kona coffee latte is my idea of the perfect morning. I didn't even mind that I had to eat my hash sitting at our kitchen island, since our kitchen table has been taken over by thousands of Lego pieces that are slowly (ever so slowly) becoming the Millennium Falcon. 

So that was Sunday morning. Now I have to find time to write about the amazing Shrimp and Avocado Salad I made for dinner Sunday night....and the banana cake! Served up with caramel sauce. Mmmm. It was a delicious weekend!

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