Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Sandwiches

This post isn't so much about Sunday dinner as it is Saturday lunch. Saturday lunch is very random at our house. It usually consists of leftovers from Friday night dinner (pizza anyone?) or something put together based on whatever happens to remain in the fridge at the end of the week. This Saturday we got moving very early so I actually had something in mind for Saturday lunch and was able to stock up at the grocery store before hand. The object of my desire - tuna.

I have become obsessed with tuna. More specifically, I've become obsessed with tuna subs from Subway: toasted on honey oat bread with cheddar cheese (white - the orange is bit too colourful for me) and laced with sweet pickles. Tuna (sub) obsession can be an expensive proposition. So I decided last week that I needed to find a way to satisfy my tuna craving at home. Happily, while flipping through my Bon Appetit cookbook I came across an entire section dedicated to sandwiches. Yes, a whole section! A few tuna salad recipes were included; I settled on Tuna, Pickle and Chopped Vegetable Pita Sandwiches.

The results were better than I expected. No toasting involved, but with the lovely Spring/Summer weather we've been having this weekend toasting wasn't strictly necessary. This recipe basically combines tuna with chopped sweet pickles, red pepper, vidalia onion and granny smith apple. The tuna was dressed with equal parts yogurt and mayonaisse. I enjoyed mine with crinkle cut Old Dutch potato chips and a nice cold Coke - the perfect lunch.

I didn't even bother to try and convince my family to taste my latest discovery. No one is particularly interested in tuna around my house. However, since discovering a sandwich section in my Bon Appetit cookbook I decided to flip through others in my collection. Joy of Cooking also has a great sandwich section. I plan on putting together a nice roast beef sandwich on focaccia bread this week for my husband, to thank him for putting up with the tuna.

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