Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cottage Food

I think this Summer was a record for our cottage attendance. We made it up three times, once each in June, July and August. Never before attempted, never before accomplished!

While at the cottage we tend to eat. A lot. Which is why I'm glad we only went up three times. Ahem.

I have a few favourite dishes from the cottage this Summer. I always try to attempt something new, something different, something I wouldn't necessarily try at home when we're North. This year we finally got to make 'Frogmore Stew', a recipe that has been clipped and patiently waiting to be executed for years now. It's another Cooking Light find that you can get here. I served it with small dinner rolls but next time will make corn bread, since I've found a reliable (and yummy) version! This was so easy to put together, effortless - which is nice at the cottage.

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