Monday, September 27, 2010

Snack attack - popcorn

I love potato chips. Which is a funny way to start a post about popcorn. I've turned to popcorn as a way to curb my appetite for chips. So to keep it interesting, I try to change it up by dressing it differently. Which begs the question, if you douse your popcorn with butter (among other things) should you just have gone for the chips in the first place?

Not if you make Cracked Pepper and Honey Butter popcorn. I found this recipe in the Winter 2010 Food & Drink magazine from the LCBO. I had to cut down on the pepper (it calls for 3/4 tsp, coarsley ground) but partnered with the sweet of the honey this makes for a wonderful treat on Saturday night. It hasn't improved the selection of what is on TV, unfortunately, but I care less when I'm cramming popcorn into my mouth...

I also tried a wonderful popcorn recipe from the Two Dishes cookbook I mentioned recently. But given the state of my clipped recipe file, which is disaster right now after it fell out of my cupboard and became all...aflutter, I can't find it. It was also based on butter and honey, but calls for chili powder instead of pepper. Made my fingers red but totally worth it. D. liked it even better than the Cracked Pepper, which suprised me because he is not a chili fan, but totally a pepper fan. If that makes sense. I'll try and find it. If you Google chili honey popcorn, you'll get the jist.

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