Sunday, September 19, 2010

Terry Fox Run - The Pride, The Shame

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us in the Terry Fox Run this weekend! D. and I surprised ourselves by completing the 10K distance. We had only set out to do 5K but felt so good when we completed the first 5 that we decided to keep running. We finished in 1 hour, 1 minute and 58 seconds. D. took a celebratory picture of us with my iPhone shortly after we finished:

Yeah. That's my shoe. And my hand on D.'s shoulder. It's mostly assorted foliage from Springbank Park. Apparently we need to work on how to use the camera phone. Anyhoo, we raised (drum roll please) $320.00, so again thank you for your generous support.

That would be 'The Pride' of my post headline. 'The Shame' is what we (okay, I) did after, which was head to Smoke's Poutinerie and order up a helping of pulled pork poutine. Voila:

So any health benefit I might have gained by running 10K was immediately obliterated by greasy french fries slathered in gravy topped with cheese curds and pulled pork. But it was so good. I washed it down with a Lime Rickey Pop Shoppe Pop. So given the choice I'm going to choose to bask in the (sweaty) glow of having done a 10K, my first, and worry about the damage I've done to my arteries through poutine (not the first, nor the last) tomorrow.

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