Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Battery Exhausted

The nose/ear/throat issue that I've been ignoring for about a month now finally walloped me hard yesterday. I gave up mid-afternoon and headed home, then decided to follow the advice of the nice doctor I saw last night in the after-hours clinic and rest today. Or at least attempt to rest.

Being sick when you have kids is nothing like being sick when you don't. You can call in sick to the office but you can't call in sick to your kids, who generally require breakfast, a packed lunch and transportation to and from school. At the point that I have to get up to accomplish the aforementioned tasks I figure I may as well suck it up and just go to work. Otherwise I come home from the school drop-off, look around my untidy house and think, 'I'll just clean up 'x' then I'll go back to bed'. But 'x' leads to 'y' leads to 'z' and before I know it, I've spent my sick day re-arranging the linen cupboard. Today I made an effort to actually be sick. I still got up and got the kids moving but when I came home I crashed right back into bed. I finally got up mid-afternoon and decided I wanted some soup.

I've had a recipe for Parsnip Carrot Soup hanging on my fridge door for literally two months. I like parnips (remember parsnip crumble?) and happened to have some on hand in the fridge along with carrots, so decided to do one productive thing with my sick day - make good soup. And it was good soup. I had it with some camembert cheese and crackers. Even in my hazy state I thought to take a picture of my soup in progress:

I know. This is a horrible food shot. It's obviously a pile of discarded parsnip/carrot peel, slightly out of focus. It looks how I feel. But I love this picture, because after I took it my camera beeped at me, then showed the message: 'battery exhausted' before conking out. Yeah, I totally get that, Mr. Nikon Coolpix P90. Sometimes the battery is just too exhausted.

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