Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cinnamon Buns, Toute de Suite

I remember very little French vocabulary from my school days. I suspect that like most anglo-Canadians my French is strongest when it comes to relaying information about food (thanks to bilingual food labels) or talking about hockey. Actually the hockey thing might not be typical. My husband is a Habs fan so we watch the French CBC on Saturday nights from time to time. You watch long enough, you pick up some terms....C'est le but! (It's a goal!)

Sadly, the only phrase that really sticks in my head from years of French instruction is 'toute de suite', which, if I recall correctly means 'at once'. When Mademoiselle Baker flung a 'toute suite' in my direction its meaning was more likely along the lines of 'Move it into the classroom and enough with the giggling'. Ah, high school.

This morning I felt like a Cinnamon Bun, toute suite. I should qualify that. I wanted a homemade cinnamon bun. Sorry Cinnabon lovers - they smell like the real deal but if I'm going to spend that many calories, you've got to taste the part as well.

Cook's Illustrated has a great recipe for cinnamon buns that is quick and easy. I've made it a half dozen times now and each time I get a bit faster putting it together and my buns get a bit better looking. (Okay, just read that know what I mean). This site provides the recipe. I'll provide some visuals. Discuss.

My one modification to the CI recipe is for the glaze. I wanted something super simple, so combined 1 cup icing sugar, 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1 tbsp of vanilla. Stir together, drizzle over warm bun. Tell yourself not to have a second one. Lace up your sneakers and head to the treadmill. Repeat.

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