Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy. Life.

That pretty much sums things up lately. It has been weeks since I have spent one of my Sundays in the kitchen, which has meant falling back on old favourites for dinner. Which isn't such a bad thing. This past weekend we had a great Shepherd's Pie with Buttermilk-Chive Mashed Potato Crust. The week before that we had Pumpkin Pasta Surprise. (Surprise! No one knew there was pumpkin in their pasta!) On Sunday I did manage to throw together soup for the week - a very reliable Squash-Pear soup that is just a little bit sweet.

This weekend we are pot-lucking with friends and I am in charge of cake. And it's going to be chocolate. To keep things interesting, and because everyone at the potluck should get cake, I'm also going to try making a gluten-free chocolate cake using my new favourite grain, quinoa, or 'round rice' as we've billed it when serving to the boys.

Since I use this blog as a sort of diary of our food adventures I hope to get back to more interesting posts soon. And since I hate to have a post with no pictures here are two. One, my plate at Thanksgiving. Fantastic meal cooked by my SIL. I brought Rainbow Salad since it worked out so well the first time. See that big ol' zucchini? Stuffed with goat cheese and mint, then baked. Despite my vow to ban zucchini from my plate, I quite enjoyed it.

 And how about these cuties?

Cookie Monster Cupcakes. Which work on so many levels. Courtesy of my other SIL for my nieces' second birthday bash. Adorable and I am told, delicious. (I went for the pumpkin cheesecake instead, which was fantastic.) So I've been having some great meals lately, I just haven't produced many of them myself!

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