Monday, October 3, 2011

Football Brownies

We are not a football household. Despite the fact that our first date was at a football game, neither David or I could be considered football fans. In fact, I only went on that first-date football game because it was a chance to get to know David better. We were in first year University and football was a rite of passage on campus. Everyone went to the football games, particularly the Homecoming game. I don't remember anything about that first-date football game. Well, that's not entirely true. I don't remember who won. I do remember that Laurier was playing Western, at Western. Both of us had gone home (from Laurier - go Hawks!) for the weekend and the game was a good excuse to get to see each other on a Saturday afternoon. It wasn't like I was a fan. Of football. I didn't - and still don't - get football. I think David knew I had no idea what was going on. He was too nice to say anything. Or maybe he was just as smitten as I was? (Not that boys can be smitten. You know what I mean.)

So we don't do football at our house but we do do brownies. And we can think on our feet. When a friend asked for help coming up with a treat to feed some hungry football fans all I had to do was whip up a batch of my awesome One-Bite Brownies and buy a tube of white icing. Ta-da!

Doesn't get easier than that.

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